Green Burial Section

Coming Summer 2019

Rosehill Cemetery is introducing a new section dedicated to “Green Burial” called The Meadows of Rosehill … Green Burial in an urban setting is not currently offered in Edmonton & area or even the Province of Alberta for that matter. Rosehill Cemetery recognizes that caring for the environment is very important to many people. Introducing this Green Burial option allows for environmentally conscious individuals to care for the environment in life and in death….

Here is how Green Burial differs from conventional burial

  • The dedicated area is intended to be left in a natural state. In this case native grasses and plants to re-create a meadow are introduced on individual graves. This is done instead of traditional grass sod.
  • The deceased is not embalmed
  • Burial occurs in a certified bio-degradable casket or shroud
  • No concrete liner or vault is used inside the grave
  • Burial plots are not marked with a traditional monument but rather a common memorial of natural stone will be on site to recognize all that are buried in the area.
  • The area is accessible by foot only and not to vehicle traffic except for cemetery personal and funeral home vehicles.

If you are interested in more information on Green Burial, please contact our office at (780) 434-5433.


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